Silenced by a society so full of itself, its an unbalanced war that is waged against the female race of our country. Every now and then, a phenomenal story of how a young girl/a middle aged woman/a child/an old woman/a wife/a niece, was sexually assaulted and the tale of her suffering is narrated to the whole nation. The days following the broadcast are those of frenzied media opportunities. People with authority talk, people without authority talk and the entire country discusses the who, what, when, where and why of this evil. Staggering revelations are made and the country almost unanimously necessitates the need to be overcome by shame and anger. A number of self proclaimed experts emerge at this point in time and discuss the various solutions and measures that may be employed to curb the influence of this heinous evil. And people with authority talk and people without authority talk and then India wins an Olympic medal.

Severed by this unending cycle of negligence, the ranks of the female army already feel dejected and helpless. In a country where issues like rape are swept under the rug, where everyone believes “Rape toh hota rehta hai”(Rape is an everyday story), one is no longer sensitive to the justice that the women of today plead for, and it comes as no surprise that the scenario still hasn’t changed. Its been years. We debate, we argue, we counsel, we forget. And then it happens again. We believe we work towards a solution to the problem when in reality the situation becomes worse and worse everyday. Women live in fear, and this fear is slowly advancing towards insurmountable heights. What aggravates the situation even more is that the society minus the vitims, the supposed supporters of these women in hiding, a.k.a the non rapist MEN also believe that they should remain to live out their days consumed by the same fear. Not one soul reassures the weeping woman, not one voice tells her it’ll soon be fine.

Why do we disappoint them so? Why do we cower under the skeletons of a few hundred delusional idiots? Are the men of our nation really that yellow bellied? Or are they just afraid of the hypocrisy? Well, that doesn’t completely make them dishonourable, right?

Pfftttttttttt. Right.

A woman today finds it impossible to step outside her house after 8. A woman today finds it impossible to travel on her own. A woman today finds it hard to be by herself. People tell her to dress conservatively, people ask her to learn the martial arts, people advise that she make sure she isn’t alone after the sun sets. Who are we really kidding? Whether she’s protected by the fine walls of her palace or out in the open wilderness it makes not an iota of difference anymore. Women are sexually abused as easily within the confines of their own secure homes as they could be in an open public road. Anyone could be a rapist, everyone could be a rapist.

The Ongoing of recent mishaps have led the Woman to believe that she will never be able to live on her own terms neither will her daughters, she may not be wrong but in doing so she has invariably and inadvertently accepted defeat. They know she’s scared and she’ll always be scared unless, of course, the world starts spinning the other way round. To create an equal world, both parties must believe in equality. The Men should stop assuming they have procured all the power there is to have and the Women should stop assuming they are completely helpless. Unless the Woman is convinced,, in fact, unless the whole society is convinced that, the woman wields as much power as the Man, not much will change. When, the Woman decides to assume equality, and we’re not talking one woman but every woman in India, The societal structure will fall into place eventually. Inertia will be experienced but no one is going to have enough pluck to do anything about it.

Don’t stage a protest, don’t organise a parade, just simply slip it in,

We’re not alone if THEY choose to fight, we’re not alone if WE choose to fight.


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