So the old paint brush made an appearance again and I was relieved that my brain was brimming with some really cuckoo ideas. In swift fragments I saw a varied plethora of colours flash through the white screen that is stationed behind my eyelids. It was a heavy debate between the fantastical and the real, and well fantasy reigned victorious yet again. With one filter that refined the genre of ideas it was an even heavier task to define the second filter and the filter proceeding that, and so on and so forth. After the application of an unnecessarily long chain of filters, finally in front of me lay the perfect new challenge, and my mind suddenly grew weary of an alternate scheme of emotions. Fear.




Fear prevailed as a strangely leechy leech and I hadn’t exactly prophesied the requirement of a ladder to reach the far corners of excruciating detail that I had envisaged. In ways I had already assumed the pall of lethargy that hung over my tiny head. A burst of additions and some extra details that would make my project look even “cooler” were entertained with a slightly widened frame of mind. All the thinking and planning had eventually accommodated a brutal observation. The Canvas that lay on the easel was in the prime of its whitest beauty and through the eyes of an “Artist” it was a subject of prolonged desire and in almost simultaneous dismay a slap on her/his right cheek. An artist must never leave an empty white Canvas empty and/or white. In such uncomfortable a scenario, I thus began my adventure into the puzzle that was my new project.




I applied stroke to stroke and laboured (well, hardly.) over these four canvases for a week. Everyday, I would assemble and disassemble their impending togetherness and I was aghast at some colours that propped up to visit the canvas once in every while. Nevertheless, in exponentiating excitement I held on to the brush, till that one day.




“Through that crack in the dome, I will see light.

But when that crack widens, I will see more.”


P.S.: If thou believest that thou would like to acquire these paintings, thine offer will be heard. 😀


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