Another year and another Christmas. This time though, the Christmas spirit had established its residence a little earlier than expected. “Christmas is coming” chants had started ringing in November and snowy wintry songs found melody even in the desert. All I could really think of though was CAKE, WINE and a whole lot of good cheer.

But, to unconfuse the reader it would be of significance to mention that Christmas was only a state of my mind. I had done absolutely nothing to make Christmas pop right out and slap the living hell out of me. Christmas had just been Christmas in my head until that fateful day when the church got involved. Father had intimated all the families of the parish about the yearly Carol singing rounds. And as every action in our household is pretty much last minute, our realisation of the necessity of a visual preparation of the festivities came a little late too. A harried mother made a harried plea to a very un-harried daughter and so a few hours hence, this happened.


With a fully functional Christmas tree in the living room, the “Christmas bug” had finally found a few new victims. 8tracks rolled out quite a few apt playlists and imagining chestnuts roasting on an open fire had never been this satisfying. The star was hung after a little deliberation and the true meaning of Christmas eventually made its way to me.


I had stationed myself on the balcony one evening and I chanced on an interesting spectacle. A new vegetable man had found clientèle in our locality and he came every two days with a camel, his wife and his son. The little kid gave me an idea and I thus proceeded to acquire a few bags of candy and voila!


“Happy People make People Happy” and as I endeavoured to make people happy so I would thus find joy. I learnt of the generosity that the spirit of Christmas attempts to instil every year. Too bad it lasts only a couple of days. It will be different this year though. Well, so I hope atleast.


Well here’s to a Christmas that was and all the wine that followed.

And I hope you had yourself a merry little Christmas too. 🙂


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