The year was slowly drawing to a close and I had assured myself that this year Iwould be at a beach, sipping on a beer and chilling with a little Bonobo as the big clock struck 12. But well, I’m assuming the Gods had different plans and thus I found myself sitting in anticipation of 2013, in front of my easel, sipping on a beer, chilling with some Bonobo.

If I lived in an ideal world, one would have found me pitching a tent on the loose sand as I organised a crate of beer to go with the new friends I made in a strange new town. Coincidentally they would also possess the skills of a dexterous guitarist, a funky bassist and a very groovy Djembe man. Ah, if only.

But then since this world isn’t exactly “Ideal”, one finds themselves subject to well quite a few unforeseeable circumstances, such as the one I found myself in.

Persistent coaxing led me to assume the designation of “Master of the House” for a few hours before and after midnight and I could visualise a parallel celebration of  the “Home Alone” kind. Only my idea of celebration was a little different from that of little “Kevin’s”. And hence, pre-2013, this ancient looking Kharia woman invited me into the world of Portraits.


A few beers later, the spirit of Kevin McCallister finally got me to brandish the paint brush much like a sword and though there were no bad guys out to rob my house, the canvas was drenched in paint much like the bad guys who came knocking on the McCallister’s door.


Anyway, an ancient wise Kharia man once said,

“We be an ooooold tribe.”


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