A recent Visit to my Cousin’s played out in ways that I hadn’t envisaged as a likely sequence of events. After crossing a considerable number of geographical demarcations I finally stepped foot in Bengaluru as a consequence of a six year long hiatus. Ah! How this gentle city had changed. It took a little extra effort to look through all these new things that hadn’t existed a few years into the past. But the newest and most important development that had occurred in a matter of those six years was most definitely my newest nephew, Ethan.

A naughty little, cerelac-oozing boy of 1, felt confusion stream through his 1 year old brain, well actually his brain is much older. In any case, this little boy had come under the illusion that I was this weird thing that would occasionally peep out behind his mommy’s shoulder, and for reasons that walk stealthily over my head he was extremely amused. I had been deemed imaginary by my little nephew, and it would be the same story for a little while longer. Nevertheless, you my child photograph very well and here’s a memoir from your imaginary aunt.








“Babies be Cute.”


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