It isn’t everyday that one finds a convenient means to gauge certain skill sets that one assumes to have cultured over a variable number of years. And well yesterday wasn’t like everyday, well in retrospect it is unfair to say that every other day maintains the uniform placidity of a monotonous work routine. In my opinion there are ripples of turbulence that are experienced through every moment of our conscious and sub conscious existence. Dreams that one is unable to explain, visions that seem far too unlikely, colours that would never have been right together but yet here they are.

Oh Shoot. I apologise for the tangential course that I have appeared to follow as a matter of my monologue. Nevertheless since the tangent has brought me back to the issue I had so enthusiastically diverged from, although that is not what tangents do, I think it best that I continue.

So Yesterday as I pondered over a number of interesting articles, I found one that interested my interests a little more than the others. A photography competition that wanted participants to put up a mini gallery depicting the theme “Water, Water Everywhere”. A Who Killed Bambi collaboration with PC World and DSLRs from Currys gave me an opportunity to use one of my most favoured subjects of photography, the OCEAN.


AT one of the many fine beaches at Diu in India, I found solace in the pink skies. Shot with a Yashica FX-3 Super 2000, this was one of my favourite beaches in Diu. Mostly because the sea didn’t start where the sand vanished but it started only afer you walked a good deal above the water.


The frothy waves that took more than they gave, renders perfectly one of the many roles that water assumes down here on earth. A strong fiery force that has a mind of its own and well its everywhere. Our existence is a submissive slave to the will of its mercy.


This Last one also shot at Diu is the last shot I got as the sun dove into the endless expanse that is the sea. The enormity of the sea seems magnified as the silhouette of the man on the edge of the cliff belittles our ginormous egos and reminds us of our true role as designated by Mother Nature.

“Water, Water, Everywhere…”


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